Choosing Your Agent

selecting an agent


Choosing And Working With Your Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right real estate agent is crucial if you want to get the highest price for your property with  the least amount of stress. With the right agent and with your property looking its best, you will always  get the highest price.


Find an agent that you trust and ask yourself…

“Do I feel comfortable with this person handling the sale of (possibly) my greatest financial asset?”



Once you decide on your agent, give them your trust and confidence and allow them to make decisions and get on with the job of finding you the right buyer for your property.  The best agents are worthy of your trust – you can trust Matthew Lawrence Real Estate.


It is our professional opinion that the only buyers who should ever come to your property are those who are ready to buy now, want to buy in the area, and whose requirements are accurately matched to your property, and who can afford your asking price.  We offer this service because we know this leads to achieving a higher price.


Choose Negotiation Skill!

Unfortunately, most real estate agents talk about advertising, but few talk about the one thing that is most important to you – their negotiation skill.


We understand that negotiations skills are vital to ensuring you get the highest possible price – a good negotiator can achieve up to an extra ten percent on your selling price. This can mean thousands of dollars to you!


When looking for your real estate agent, seek out a professional salesperson,  a trained Negotiator –   one who is a specialist in negotiating high prices, face to face and not negotiate over the telephone.  Choose Matthew Lawrence Real Estate – We are trained negotiators.


Be Reasonable About Advertising

We understand that buyers who want to buy in your area know the area.  It is the area that attracts them and not the advertising.  It is a waste of time, money and energy to place advertisements in publications that reach thousands of people who will not buy in your area.


Matthew Lawrence Real Estate understands internet marketing ( and and we know how to attract the best buyers to your property, qualify them and only bring the right buyers to your home – this achieves you a higher price.


Contact us today to arrange a confidential consultation.



“Experience + Passion = Maximised Results”



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