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At Matthew Lawrence Real Estate, we are passionate about property and understand that successful property development requires time, research, patience and a willingness to take calculated risks as securing the “right property” is critical for the success of any investment property.  

If you are looking to renovate your current home, undertake concept designs/drafting, purchasing new land, purchase an investment property, new construction or build, land sub-divisions, feasibility assessments, builder choice/selection, and all forms of associated property and building related services, we are able to provide hassle free property and building advice to suit your requirements.


Professional Services Profile

  • All aspects of professional residential property and construction services
  • Property analysis and valuation
  • Development/renovation feasibility for cost/benefit analysis effectiveness
  • Financing/Project Management/Budget and Contract Administration
  • Access to affiliated professionals i.e. builders, architects, engineers, finance brokers & building inspectors.
  • Building supervision and build quality control
  • Strategic planning and development
  • Feasibility assessments for best outcomes for clients
  • Sub-division, multi-site development project coordination
  • Property Management
  • Local Council and State Government legislative planning, building rules and development regulations and approvals




Client Benefits

  • Personalised strategic plan to meet clients specific needs
  • Cost effective hassle free collaborative approach
  • Upfront fixed costs for all services provided
  • Ongoing updates and support
  • Long term wealth management through property investment
  • Create life-long partnerships and friends


All services are independent and specifically tailored to meet your needs and give you peace of mind. 







“Experience + Passion = Maximised Results”



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