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Our passion is property and we are committed to excellence.  We understand that if you make an informed decision, when wanting to rent your property then you will improve the returns you receive.  This is why our property managers give you their commitment to provide the highest level of customer service and the peace of mind, knowing that your property is being managed by a professional who understands the legislation that governs residential tenancies within South Australia.


Maximising your rent – we always strive to get you the maximum rent possible, however we must keep in mind setting the correct market rent to get your property rented as soon as possible.  To be successful, we must consider these factors in order to set the right rent for your property:


Demand – is there a high or low demand for properties at present.

What is available now– we research properties currently available for rent and consider their location and features for comparison in order to calculate a maximum rent for your investment.

What we have rented right now – we compare your property with what we have currently rented, taking into account property location and its features.


We want to ensure that our property owners get excellent tenants and therefore we believe that the screening process is one of the most important parts of selecting you a great tenant.  We screen all tenancy applications, confirm their payment and tenancy history by calling their current and or previous landlord/leasing agent as well as confirming their employment.


We will gather all available information we have collected so that we can give you a guide so that you can make an informed decision about the selection of an appropriate tenant.  In cases where an applicant may not have a rental history, we try and confirm other information that may give us an insight to show their ability to maintain a tenancy in your rental property.


Once we have conducted the necessary checks and believe the application is ready, we will contact you for discussion and ultimately – a decision.  You will always have the final say about who rents your investment property.  We won’t recommend anyone that we don’t believe is going to be an excellent tenant.


After all the forms have been explained and signed, all bond monies and the first payment of rent received we will then grant your tenant the keys and possession of the property.  We inspect the property at the beginning of the tenancy and then continue to inspect the property regularly and send you a copy of our inspection reports.


We will deposit all monies collected into your nominated bank account and we will issue you both monthly and yearly financial statements accounting for all monies we have handled and disbursed to you on your behalf in accordance with legislative requirements.


We understand your needs and are committed to excellence so that we deliver exceptional results. Our team will effectively manage your investment property just like it was their own.


Contact us to arrange a consultation with one of our property managers.


“Experience + Passion = Maximised Results”




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