Selling Process Explained

The Selling process may be a little daunting, so we’ve detailed below eight steps to help explain the process…


Offer Made

Advise the Buyer that they should know if their offer is accepted within about 48 hours

Contact the Vendor and set up appointment to present the offer(s).



Present Offer(s)

Offer Accepted (Under Contract)

Notify the Purchaser

Arrange the Form 1 Documentation




Copy of Contract to Vendor



Copy of Contract to Purchaser

If required, copy of contract to Purchaser’s Bank/Broker

(Bank/Broker requires about 10 business days to process finance approval)




Serve Form 1 Documents

Advise Vendor that they’ve been served

Cooling off period is two (2) clear business days



Deposit Paid

Notify Vendor



Finance and /or Conditions Approved

Notify Vendor

Property is Unconditional

Turn the For Sale sign to “SOLD”



Settlement Day

Arrange the exchange of keys.


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