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We make property buying simple – we can act as your Buyer’s Agent.

At Matthew Lawrence Real Estate, we can act as your Buyer’s Agent.  We specialise in searching, evaluating and then negotiating the purchase of a property on your behalf.


As your Buyer’s Agent, we will save you money with your purchase and provide you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about the value of a property without all the added stress and waste of time.


We will give you the upper hand in understanding the auction process, bidding tactics and by not being emotionally involved in the auction or negotiation process, we will ensure that you don’t pay too much for your next property.  We will provide you with useful information to assist you in making an informed decision.


Why you choose Matthew Lawrence Real Estate to be your Buyer’s Agent

  • A wider choice of properties
  • Save your precious time and allow someone else do the leg work for you
  • Use a professional negotiator to get you the best possible price and terms on your behalf and to your advantage
  • Eliminate stress & worry and deal with someone who listens to your needs
  • Find the right property – exclusively for you


We offer two types of services:

We search the market for a property that meets your specific criteria, then we evaluate and negotiate the purchase of this property on your behalf.

You’ve found a property that you would like to buy, but prefer not to approach the agent or you have seen a property that you would like to buy but it is not on the market.


We will appraise the property and negotiate the purchase price on your behalf, then manage the entire contract process including the valuation, building and pest inspections, finance, conveyancing and settlement.  We can help you find finance and advice through tax consultants, financial advisors and mortgage brokers.  We can also help you with finding a conveyancer and we can organise building and pest inspections.


In most cases, we are able to negotiate a purchase price that saves you far more than our charged fee.  Our aim is to source you that perfect property and negotiate its purchase while removing unnecessary stress, frustration and disappointment.


We specialise in buying within Adelaide’s Western and Beachside Suburbs:  West Beach, Henley Beach South, Henley Beach, Grange, West Lakes, West Lakes Shore, Semaphore Park, Semaphore, Largs Bay, Largs North, North Haven and Port Adelaide.


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